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We speak your language

o your requirements for automation lie outside the fields of plastics, sheet metal and packaging? No problem. Our General Industries team can advise and support all customers in using our products in an efficient and targeted manner.

After all, a product portfolio that is as modular and innovative as that of FIPA also lends itself to applications in other areas. This flexibility opens up a wide range of additional areas of application, rounding off the FIPA range. And the great thing is - not only do we understand their needs and speak their language, we also benefit from the experience of our colleagues in other industries. The same principle applies here: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. All our know-how and decades of experience in pick-and-place applications and material handling is concentrated in the business unit General Industries. Our involvement in a diverse range of industry sectors continues to provide us with additional know-how and allows us to be your competent partner.

Machinery and equipment

Machine and plant construction is at the heart of the investment goods industry and continuously develops innovative concepts for production plants. Our vacuum and gripper components meet the relevant industry standards and are compatible with all systems in machine and plant construction. In this way, we create flexible and efficient production processes.


The wood processing industry has specific requirements for handling the material in view of increasing automation of production processes. Whether it’s for automated or manual handling: with our vacuum, gripper and lifting technology, you are opting for sustainable handling solutions that guarantee efficient working processes.


Storage and handling of goods is changing continuously. Our automated and manual handling solutions are as varied as the applications themselves. Customized gripper systems make production logistics more efficient, while intelligent tube lifters and easy-running crane systems ensure greater flexibility of logistics systems and improve working conditions.


Glass is a sensitive material that requires extreme accuracy when being handled. For both automated and manual handling, the vacuum provides an ideal basis for a multitude of handling solutions for glass processing because it allows careful, low-marking gripping and yet makes heavy weights virtually weightless.


The fully automated production processes in the printing and paper industry are challenging and varied, and therefore place high demands on the vacuum and gripper components used. Precision, durability and reliability are essential criteria that are expected of our solutions. We provide the right lifting technology for handling whole rolls of paper.


The electronics industry is one of the most innovative sectors and is characterized by the continuing trend towards miniaturization and extremely high volumes. The requirements placed on miniature parts and components are increasing. Our efficient vacuum and handling solutions deliver a clean, fault-free production process thanks to maximum precision and repeat accuracy.

The benefits of FIPA General Industries

  •  Price information
  • Order intake
  • Punctual delivery
  • Support in planning and constructing your own gripper system
  • Advice for selecting components
  • Help in 3D CAD design
  • Assembly instructions
  • Installation and commissioning support
  • Complete system calculations
  • Product training