Your process is only really good if the result is not only fast, but also perfect for you. FIPA makes an important contribution to this with a variety of high-quality gripper components.

Grippers by FIPA - The perfect process is within your grasp!

Whether sprue grippers, grippers for direct mounting, gripper fingers, parallel or angular grippers, ID grippers, magnetic grippers, Bernoulli vacuum cups or customized grippers. Our gripping elements are just as powerful as they are gentle in their handling. FIPA sprue grippers and gripper fingers are used for the safe and precise removal of injection-molded parts. Our portfolio includes grippers with and without stroke, grippers for direct mounting or with part detection as well as gripper fingers for gripping behind workpieces. If the gripper jaws should close gap-free while also gripping particularly gently, our utility model protected series 100 grippers with HNBR elastomer are available. The complete coating of all four sides guarantees a gentle gripping process and prevents scratching of the product handled by the gripper. For gripping flaps and flat sprues with high gripping force, such as for bumpers, our power grippers with tight-closing jaws are the optimum tools. If you are looking for a direct connection to plates and extrusion systems and you also want to do so without clamping elements, then you will find the right choice with grippers for direct mounting.

In the assortment of parallel grippers, you will find 2- and 3-finger solutions for your application. The single- or double-acting centric grippers can be equipped with sensors for condition monitoring and customized jaws. FIPA angular grippers with optional sensors are available with 40° and 180° angle strokes. They are suitable for automation tasks in which workpieces are transported, mounted or clamped. In order to be able to move workpieces with slight hollows or bore holes in the inner diameter range of 3 to 85 mm precisely and quickly, we have ID grippers in our product line. A polyamide gripper head makes this gripper the perfect helper in the food industry. Designed for handling metal sheets or ferromagnetic workpieces with and without recesses, our magnetic grippers are built based on a combination of electromagnets and permanent magnets. That makes them unbeatable at fast cycle times. Our needle grippers are optimized for handling flexible or air-permeable items, such as textiles, felt and foam mats. Due to the adjustable stroke, the compressed-air-controlled needle gripper can be adapted to the material thickness. To ensure the required flexibility, we also offer individual gripper solutions. Our PA grippers are precisely matched to your workpiece and are also approved in the food sector thanks to their FDA-compliant, high-performance plastic.

Sprue grippers by FIPA

FIPA grippers and gripper fingers are the right choice when it comes to the safe and precise removal of injection molding parts or general handling of parts. The FIPA product portfolio includes grippers with and without stroke, grippers for direct assembly and gripper fingers for gripping behind workpieces. FIPA grippers with direct and indirect part detection safely grip and detect components smaller than 1 mm. New to the range are the utility model protected, 100 series grippers with HNBR elastomer coating. With all four sides of the jaws completely covered, this guarantees a gentle gripping process and prevents potential damage of the product being handled by these grippers. An additional benefit is the gap-free closing jaws. Also among our new innovations are the 840 series double stroke grippers, which are able to grip flat sprues or flaps with high force and, therefore, are ideal for removal of front or rear facias. The first stroke guides the gripper into the correct position on the workpiece. With the secondary stroke, the gripper pulls and deflects the facia enabling the precise removal of the workpiece.

Power grippers with stroke by FIPA

With tight-closing jaws, FIPA power grippers with stroke and high gripping force grip flat sprues and flaps from injection molding parts. For demoulding, the feed stroke allows for the grippers to be moved precisely towards the workpiece. The separate back stroke simplifies the parts depositing. The power grippers are single-acting and self-centering. 

Grippers for direct mounting by FIPA

A compact design, single- and double-acting models and parts control starting at approximately 1 mm sprue thickness: FIPA grippers for direct assembly are designed for directly connecting to plates and extrusions and do not require clamping components.

Gripper fingers by FIPA

FIPA gripper fingers, also known as finger grippers, serve to grip behind workpieces – ideally for removing parts from injection molding machines. These grippers are available with 35° and 95° angle settings as well as optional HNBR elastomer pads for gentle gripping.

Parallel grippers by FIPA

The FIPA parallel gripper range includes 2- and 3-finger parallel grippers. These single- or double-acting, centering grippers can be equipped with sensors for status control. Aluminum blanks for customisation allow the parallel grippers to be optimally adapted to the gripping task at hand. With 90° cable angles, optional sensors enable space-saving assembly on mounting or retaining plates. Parallel grippers are used, for example, for pick & place handling tasks in the packaging, medical, automotive, food and electronics industries.

Angular grippers by FIPA

FIPA angular grippers are available with 40° and 180° angle strokes. They are suited to automation tasks which involve the transport, mounting or clamping of workpieces. Upon request, FIPA is able to manufacture custom gripper jaws for optimal adaptation to your application. Optional sensors monitor the piston position and thus the gripping process.

ID grippers by FIPA

With two different product series, FIPA expansion grippers cover an inner diameter range of 3 to 85 mm. The smaller series covering an inner diameter of 3 to 10 mm come with food grade gripper heads for direct food contact. The action of the compressed air-controlled FIPA expansion gripper is based on the expansion of the bellow. The design rules out the risk of bursting, since the bellow is not inflated. With suitable fittings, efficient handling solutions can be achieved for workpieces with hollows or holes.

Magnetic grippers by FIPA

Magnetic grippers serve to handle metal sheets or ferromagnetic workpieces with and without recesses. The FIPA MG series utilizes a combination of electromagnets and permanent magnets and thus increases duty cycles – even for thin and/or alloyed metal sheets, because the residual magnetism is extremely low once the electromagnet is switched off. This solution is extremely energy efficient, since only a short electrical impulse is required for the product release and its operation does not utilize pneumatics.

Needle grippers by FIPA

FIPA needle grippers are optimized for handling flexible or air permeable items, such as for example, textiles and felt and foam mats. The adjustable stroke allows the compressed air-controlled needle grippers to be adapted to various material thicknesses. Some models come with sensor slots for detection of piston position and thus, indirectly, the needle position. FIPA offers compatible fittings for integration in gripper systems.

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