Gripper arms

In order to be able to integrate your gripper components to your gripper systems in the future, we have designed a range of angle arms in adjustable, torsionally rigid, spring-loaded and heavy duty models. With clamps, the angle arms can be secured to extrusion systems.

Gripper arms by FIPA - Everything is even easier to handle thanks to angle and elbow arms!

The innovative clamping technology scores with a solid and secure attachment, even under heavy load. Spring-loaded models absorb the stroke during the ejection movement of the injection molding machine and thus protect the workpiece. With our elbow arms, also known as gripper arms for vacuum cups, you can integrate vacuum cups with variable angles into gripper systems. These elements are available in spring-loaded, adjustable and torsionally rigid models. The non-rotating model with a spring mechanism is particularly suitable for grippers that must perform reliable removal from injection molds.

Angle arms by FIPA

FIPA offers various models of angle arms for the precise connecting of gripper components in gripper systems: rigid, adjustable, torsionally rigid, spring-loaded and heavy duty. Clamps allow the angle arms to be mounted to extrusions. The innovative clamping technology ensures a safe mounting, even under heavy load. The spring-loaded models absorb the stroke from the ejection motion of the injection molding machine.

Elbow arms by FIPA

FIPA elbow arms allow for the variable angle integration of suction cups in gripper systems. Elbow arms are also known on the market as gripper arms for suction cups. FIPA elbow arms are available as spring-loaded, adjustable and torsionally rigid models. The torsionally rigid versions with spring mechanism are especially suited to grippers for injection molding.,

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