Teamwork is part of our corporate culture.

What our employees say

There’s one thing everyone at FIPA has in common. We take on every challenge. According to our motto “challenge accepted”.

"A woman in a managerial position? At an international industrial company? And happy about it? At FIPA, it's possible. because the focus is on expertise, it is possible to work from home, and flexible working time models are offered."

Jennifer Heidbrede ● Manager International Marketing Communication

"I've been working at FIPA for over 20 years. because FIPA is like a family: not too large and with motivational group dynamics. Each person is important and has something to contribute. You really feel that each success is a shared success."

Oliver Richter ● Head of Quality Management

"Ismaning, north of Munich, has more international connection points than many might think. I came to Germany from Australia via the USA, and am proud to be able to make my contribution to the intercultural expertise of FIPA."

Martin Turner ● Director Business Unit Plastics

I particularly like the pleasant working atmosphere at FIPA. The camaraderie, mutual respect and willingness to help are the order of the day here."

Dr. Niels Blomeyer ● Head of Product Competence Center

"At FIPA I have the opportunity to use my ideas and my performance to achieve and move something. The enjoyable working atmosphere also contributes to the fact that I really enjoy my work here."

Sebastian Bechert ● Design Engineer Business Unit Packaging