Replacement foam for area gripper FSG

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  • Material EPDM, resistant to weathering, ozone and most acids and alkalis. Not resistant to oils and greases.
  • Good stand-up behaviour for short cycle times.
  • Applied on strong self-adhesive film for quick and easy replacement of the foam on the area gripper
  • The foam on the film comes off the area gripper without leaving residues
  • As filter foam with plastic fabric with hole size 0.1 mm for applications in dusty and dirty environments – on request
  • As valve foam for handling cans, jars, bottles, etc. – on request
FSG.ACC130.295.5F20 | FSG.ACC130.434.5F20 | FSG.ACC130.572.5F20 | FSG.ACC130.711.5F20 | FSG.ACC130.849.5F20 | FSG.ACC130.988.5F20 | FSG.ACC130.1126.5F20 | FSG.ACC130.1265.5F20
Item No.FSG.ACC130.295.5F20FSG.ACC130.434.5F20FSG.ACC130.572.5F20FSG.ACC130.711.5F20FSG.ACC130.849.5F20FSG.ACC130.988.5F20FSG.ACC130.1126.5F20FSG.ACC130.1265.5F20
Ø D1616161616161616
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