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Who is Mike Wolfe from American Pickers?

Mike Wolfe was born on the 11th June 1964, in Joliet, Illinois USA, and is a reality TV star, best recognized to the world as the co-host of the popular show “American Pickers” (2010-2018), with Frank Fritz. Mike is also the owner of the store Antique Archaeology, through which he sells the items he finds on the road.

Early Life and Education

Raised by single mother Rita Wolfe, Mike has two siblings, Robbie and Beth Wolfe. From an early age, Mike developed an interest in exploring and searching for just about anything of interest. One of his first finds was a barn with old bicycles located in his neighbor’s yard, one of which he bought for a mere $50, and after cleaning and putting some effort into restoring it, Mike was able to sell it for $5,000, while still a kid. Encouraged by this early success, Mike continued to treasure hunt while his friends led a conventional life. When it comes to his education, Mike didn’t continue schooling after high school matriculation, as he became fully focused on a career.

Career Beginnings

Mike was interested in ‘picking’ from an early age, but his professional career started rather later as when he left school he became a professional bicycle racer, but after realizing that picking was profitable, his choice was made and he would travel from place to place searching for barns owned by people who had collected various items, and buy it for a reasonable price and later re-sell it for profit. This turned out to be quite profitable, and so Mike opened his own store, Antique Archaeology, located in Le Claire, Iowa. Gradually, Mike’s business progressed, which allowed him to collaborate with other pickers. As a result, he teamed up with Frank Fritz, another picker who owned a store in Savanna, Illinois. The two then found Danielle Colby who would seek possible items across the US. Inspired by their success, Mike wrote a concept for a TV series, entitled “American Pickers”, but didn’t have success in selling it for more than five years, when the History Channel decided to give him a chance by producing his series.

“American Pickers”

Mike is now a co-host and producer of the show, with his colleagues Danielle and Frank; the first season, aired in 2010, became a smash hit with over 5.4 million viewers per episode, becoming the most popular non-fiction show that year, and Mike a TV star. They continue to run their stores successfully, and the show has managed to maintain high ratings with more than 4.7 million viewers per episode. Some of the most memorable findings in the show include the original Jell-O Wagon, then the 1954 Nash-Healy, Zundapp RS 750 and sidecar, 1914 Merz Cycle Car, and many other vintage cars, bikes and trucks, among other valuable items, such as a leather license plate. All these findings helped Mike to expand his business, and open another store located in Nashville, Tennessee, so Mike’s net worth increased to a large degree. “American Pickers” is now in its 18th season, and Mike has become a respected person in the TV industry, and as a result, most recently he was featured in an episode of the Primetime Emmy Award-nominated crime drama series “NCIS” in 2018.

08-02-2012- Location photos of Mike Wolfe with his Indian motorcycles in Antique Archeology at Marathon Village in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photos by Steve Green)

Rustaration Company

Thanks to his prominent success, Mike started another company called Rustaration, which is focused on restoring and refurbishing old motorcycles and cars that Mike finds on his travels. This has also helped him increase his net worth.

An Accomplished Author

Mike has written and published several books, mostly focused on his life and career, including “American Pickers Guide to Picking” in 2011, and “Kid Pickers” in 2013.

A Music Producer

Mike’s second love is music; a longtime fan of Americana and old-school country, Mike has teamed up with Dale Watson to co-produce the album “Music to Pick By”, which is a mix of tunes compiled by legendary Nashville producer Brian Ahern; the album is available on Spotify.

Have You Wondered How Rich Mike Wolfe Is?

Since Mike made his first money as a child, he has been focused on his career as a hunter of “rusty gold”, as he describes his findings. This has earned him a decent amount of wealth, making him one of the richest TV reality stars. So, let’s just see how rich Mike is, exactly. According to authoritative sources, Mike’s wealth is estimated at $5 million, however, it isn’t just the money that makes Mike reach, but also his motorcycle and car collections. He owns an early ‘50’s Ford F1, VW Panel Van from 1962, then the 1934 Harley VL, 1941 Knucklehead Motorcycle, and many other vintage motorcycles and cars.

Life Behind the Scene

When it comes to his personal life, Mike has been married to Jodi Faeth since 2012, and the couple has a daughter. However, before his marriage, rumors about him being gay surfaced, because of his close relationship with friend and colleague Frank Fritz, but all those rumors disappeared once he made his marriage public.

When not working, Mike is a humanitarian; he hosts events and encourages fundraising projects that benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Operation Smile, the ASCPA, and animal shelters.

Social Media Presence

Mike has become rather famous as a Television star and in recent years has managed to expand his popularity to social media platforms, especially Facebook and Twitter. His official Facebook page has more than a million likes, while his Twitter account has more than 166,000 followers. He has used his internet popularity to promote his work and reach out to more people who might be interested in his life and work. He has most recently shared his success of finding two Birds motorcycles with his most loyal fans. If you are not already a fan of one of the most prominent reality stars, then this is a great chance for you.

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