Quick-change systems

FIPA quick-change systems ensure a safe and stable connection between robots and grippers. Our portfolio includes universally applicable systems with manual and automatic coupling. High-strength anodized aluminum alloy makes the quick changers high stable.

Quick-change systems Series SRQuick-change systems Series SR

Series SR


Quick-change systems Series SQuick-change systems Series S

Series S


Quick-change systems Series R Quick-change systems Series R

Series R


Quick-change systems Series ASRQuick-change systems Series ASR

Series ASR


Quick-change systems by FIPA - Format is not a question of size!

As an operator of fully automated processes you know: the efficiency of your systems is characterized, above all, by the factor of "time". While we at FIPA cannot stop the clock, we can "give" you some precious time with our quick-change systems, designed for time-saving gripper changes. Due to the variety of options in terms of shape and load capacity, you still get maximum flexibility in product handling. The quick-change systems square "S" are available in four construction sizes, with load capacities between 5 kg and 40 kg. They enable fast gripper changes by simply replacing the base plate and the pneumatic couplings. Another plus: Our systems are internationally standardized and made of a high-strength aluminum alloy. Furthermore, we also have stainless steel and rectangle models in the product line. The round quick-change systems of the "SR" series are available in three construction sizes, with load capacities of 20, 40 or 100 kg. The locking mechanism is optically and mechanically visible for even greater process reliability.

Upon request, we supply this model with micro valves for automatic locking of all media when uncoupling. If you want to transmit information to the upstream control system, this is also easy to implement – 13 sensor signals are available. You can implement a gripper change while minimizing downtimes using the automatic quick-change systems "ASR". Two construction sizes are available, with load capacities of 5 kg and 20 kg. Upon request, we can equip the quick-change system with electronic modules that can detect up to eight sensor signals. And of course, as a solution provider, we offer you not only a wide range of matching robot adapters, but also electronic connectors for the transmission of your sensor signals. Even better, all your grippers can be organized with sturdy wall brackets.

Series S: Squared quick-change systems by FIPA

FIPA offers the manual S series quick changer in four sizes of the international standardized rectangular shape format. An easy exchange of the base plate and pneumatic couplings enables the grippers to be changed quickly. Spring-loaded base plates for compensating ejector strokes are available for injection molding. Made of a high-strength anodized aluminum alloy, the four sizes of rectangular changing systems cover a lifting force range of 5 to 40 kg. Optionally, FIPA can supply a stainless steel version of the quick-change systems.

Series SR: Round quick-change systems by FIPA

FIPA offers SR series round quick changers in three different sizes with a lifting force of 20, 40 or 100 kg. The novel optical and mechanical locking mechanism increases process safety and signals the correct changing of grippers to operating personnel. The MV model automatically locks all media with micro valves when uncoupling. The quick-change system can transmit up to 13 sensor signals electronically to the upstream control system.

Series R: Rectangle quick-change systems by FIPA

In addition to square quick-change systems, FIPA also offers rectangular versions. The R series is available for gripper and robot side and enables minimum downtimes due to the fast gripper change.

Series ASR: Automatic quick-change systems by FIPA

FIPA ASR series automatic quick-change systems ensure disruption-free production with minimized downtime. They are available in two sizes with 5 and 20 kg lifting force and can be equipped with optional electronics modules for up to eight sensor signals. FIPA is able to supply suitable adapter plates for all common robots by request. The round automatic quick changers have cross-industry application, for example, from automotive manufacturing to plastics technology.

Electronic connectors by FIPA

Grippers are increasingly being equipped with sensors. Electronic FIPA plug connectors mounted directly on the quick-change system manage the transmission of sensor signals to the robot control system via the robot-gripper interface.

Robot adapter plates by FIPA

FIPA adapter plates allow for SLine and Mline series extrusions to be mounted to round quick changers from FIPA and other brands.

Wall brackets for gripping systems by FIPA

Whether a rectangular or round base plate, FIPA wall fittings provide for the safe and space-saving storage of grippers.