Kompakte Ejektoren in LeichtbauweiseKompakte Ejektoren in Leichtbauweise

Efficiency is no rocket science

FBM series ejectors offer high vacuum flow in an impressively compact package. The integrated silencer and different mounting options give you the most flexibility for installation, even in confined spaces near the vacuum cups. It is easy to operate with a single pneumatic valve.

  • Cost-efficient vacuum generation
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Silencer integrated



Leistungsstarke MehrkammerejektorenLeistungsstarke Mehrkammerejektoren

All engines on

FMC Multi-Chamber Ejectors are the most powerful in our line-up. In applications with non-air tight products (e.g. cardboard), the FMC deliver enough power to compensate for any leakage. The accessories included and flexible mounting options facilitate installation.

  • Ready to use, all accessories to get started are included
  • For additional safety order with integrated non-return valve
  • Easy operation with a single pneumatic valve



Multifunktionale Kompakt-EjektorenMultifunktionale Kompakt-Ejektoren

For everything beyond

For advanced applications the MFE offer all the functions you need in a compact design while keeping time for commissioning to a minimum. Automatic air-saving reduces air consumption significantly on air-tight products. Whether you opt for the M12 5-pin for easy installation or the fully fledged 8-pin which includes predictive maintenance – the MFE is easy to install and use right out the box and still offers a lot of options to fine-tune it to your application.

  • Reduces your cost by saving up to 95% compressed air
  • Eliminate unwanted machine downtime with predictive maintenance to detect worn vacuum cups ahead of time
  • Minimizes downtime using robust valve technology and electronics




Sheet metal

Inline-Ejektoren für dezentrale VakuumerzeugungInline-Ejektoren für dezentrale Vakuumerzeugung

Our shooting star

FGS Series Ejectors are a most efficient solution when placed directly between the robot and the vacuum cup, eliminating any losses in tubing. With their modular design we can offer a solution tailored to your budget, installation space and compressed air supply. Ideal in pick and place applications and perfect in combination with our Varioflex® cups. Space saving design mounts G3/8 vacuum cups directly.

  • Options for low operating pressure available (starting at just 1,7 bar)
  • Lightweight and robust aluminium body
  • Optional silencer



More ejectors

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EIL Series

Inline ejectors for Easy installation directly in the tubing line


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High suction power for fast evacuation and short gripping time


Heavy Duty Series by FIPAHeavy Duty Series by FIPA

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Base ejectors with integrated blow off


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Multi-chamber ejectors

Low space requirements due to small construction size


Accessories for ejectors by FIPAAccessories for ejectors by FIPA

Accessories for ejectors

Manifolds, blind plates and silencers for ejectors