FIPA Videos

No matter whether at trade fairs or on site with customers: Exciting videos of FIPA products in use. You only believe what you see? Here you will find videos of FIPA products and trade show appearances. For recordings of webinars, visit our FIPA E-Academy or our channel on YouTube.

Thermalon® Vacuum Cups for Rapid Demolding

Tasked with creating a demolding gripper that would yield extremely fast cycle times to achieve a high output, FIPA developed a high-performance, cost-effective solution for German manufacturer Franke Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG. FIPA created a customized gripper that weighs less than 2.5kg, has a two seconds removal time, and provides a cycle time of just 19.2 seconds from injection molding to placing.

FIPA Launches e-Commerce Webshop

FIPA’s Webshop, a comprehensive e-commerce platform, enables customers worldwide to check product availability, compare pricing, and review order histories from an easy-to-use personalized dashboard, for FIPA’s proven range of products in vacuum & gripper technologies.

Hand grippers for handling of circuit boards

To make handling premium electronic modules and devices from SMT ELEKTRONIK even easier and more convenient, a comprehensive solution from FIPA has been implemented. Tailored to customer specifications, the hand gripper has already seen success in automatic cutters and cutting robots for the production of circuit boards.

FIPA components in use by Dentec at the Plastpol 2017

Our sales partner Dentec impressively demonstrated various product handling systems for the plastics industry. With 5 different grippers, Dentec has demonstrated how to use the FIPA Thermalon vacuum cups as well as the sprue grippers. ID grippers and a customized vacuum cup were also used.

Lifting and tilting of paper rolls

In the manufacturing sector and in logistics, lifting and tilting heavy loads is often still part of a typical working day. The FIPALIFT Expert tube lifter which effortlessly moves for example paper rolls offers an effective solution. The example from the packaging industry shows how FIPA uses solutions to enable new applications for the FIPALIFT tube lifter.

Automated foil removal with sheet metal cups

Household appliance surfaces in the white goods sector require special measures in the manufacturing process. Robust plastic films in varying material thicknesses are used to protect sensitive sheet metal from scratches. Foilpuller GmbH in Bobingen, a company armed with a wealth of experience in automation technology, has for the first time succeeded in mastering the automated removal of film from sheet metal.

FIPA vacuum-operated lifting cylinder grips coded discs safely and quickly

A combination of vacuum-operated lifting cylinders and vacuum cups allows coded discs to be picked up safely. The coded discs are safely removed from the storage stack and transported to the testing site within a short cycle time of less than 3 seconds. The testing system was designed for STVision (USA).

Varioflex® vacuum cups equip palletiser in packaging line

The de Man Automation+Service GmbH & Co. KG provides solutions tailored to individual customers in the areas of robotics, material flow and material handling technology. Thanks to its new packaging line for the secondary packaging of products, the company can respond to the requirements of customers with the utmost flexibility. The various components can be added together to form a customer-specific system or also purchased individually.

Building works of art with FIPA vacuum gripper

The “Association for Robots in Architecture”, a community of interest from Vienna, is dedicated to the creative use of industrial robots for the novel production of works of art and innovative architecture. In workshops the design freedom when working with items made of foam board is enabled with designers, architects and artists. The vacuum grippers from FIPA have been found to be ideal for this because they securely hold the resulting item made of porous foam board during hot wire cutting.

Handling robot YASKAWA MOTOMAN is quick and efficient with FIPA gripper technology

Automation with robots increases productivity and reliability in the handling of packaged products. In this example, a YASKAWA Motoman robot works with FIPA gripper technology. The FIPA gripper assembly has a modular design. This enables the design of the gripper systems to be customized to meet the specific handling requirements. The Varioflex® vacuum suction cups were used – bellows vacuum cups made of extremely wear-resistant composite material with flexible sealing lip and sturdy body.

Modular crane systems from FIPA for transporting loads

FIPA’s mission is modular crane technology for the entire production floor. With a wide range of components, such as smooth-running aluminum profiles, suspension for girder clamping or ceiling mounting, running gears with low rolling friction, including energy management, the focus is placed on the efficient and ergonomic transport of workpieces.