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Awareness regarding a product's packaging will change greatly. Sustainability is one of the major trends in the packaging industry. Due to their high recyclability, glass and metal packaging products will increase in use.

Additional new requirements will join the role of packaging in protecting products: extending product shelf life, oxygen resistance, resistance to UV light and moisture along with the desire for custom packaging to act as a corporate “calling card”. Packaging plant manufacturers increasingly rely on construction kits. This increases flexibility and shortens the time-to-market.

In addition to collaboration between humans and robots, an intelligent machine that monitors and optimises these processes also plays an important part here. FIPA's automation solutions follow these trends. For example, with optical systems for robots and grippers that ensure that packages can be reliably picked from an unstructured environment. In the future, more sterilisation procedures will be introduced in the field of medical packaging. The gripper systems must be able to withstand these new substances and the cleaning and sterilisation processes.


Whether it’s for confectionery, baked goods, meat, cheese, fruit or vegetables – a high degree of flexibility and new packaging trends are required in the food industry. With our FDA-compliant vacuum cups and flexible gripper components that are suitable for direct contact with food, we can deliver a wide range of solutions.


Extremely fast processes with very high hygiene standards are taken for granted in the beverage industry for the production of bottles, cans and pouch drinks as well as for filling and packing those containers.  Our products and solutions ensure stable processes, allowing us to help our customers to achieve fast cycle times.


Die Pharmaindustrie unterliegt speziellen arzneimittelrechtlichen Verpflichtungen. Besonders die Good Manufacturing Practice sichert die Produktion im pharmazeutischen Umfeld, um höchste Qualität und Wirksamkeit der Produkte zu gewährleisten. Maximale Prozesssicherheit und Produktqualität werden daher von unseren Komponenten und Lösungen erwartet. Wir stellen dies durch praxisnahe Tests sicher.


The cosmetics industry has been enjoying an increasing variety of new products and packaging shapes for several years. This requires customized, flexible solutions in the field of vacuum and gripper systems. Cosmetics production processes make particularly high demands of hygiene and safety. We offer high-quality automated solutions based on our experience.

Household Care

Packing units of various sizes with solid, powder or liquid contents filled in plastic bottles, boxes, tubes and bags must be handled both quickly and safely. We have a solution for all of these requirements in our large range of vacuum and gripper components. Automation for clean packaging and safe transport.

The benefits of FIPA solutions for handling packaging

  • The world's largest range of vacuum cups
  • Highly wear-resistant vacuum cups for made from vinyl or Varioflex®, for example for uneven or rough surfaces
  • Vacuum gripping systems that are not sensitive to dirt, deal with layered or single products without a gripper change and with minimum maintenance
  • Bag grippers for products with unstable shapes - for robot-aided or manual handling
  • Energy-saving vacuum generators with quick-switching valves - efficient vacuum formation for very short cycle times, e.g. for delta robots such as FlexPicker™
  • Vacuum cups and gripper systems for direct contact with foodstuffs meet the requirements of the FDA and EC 1935/2004
  • Specialised vacuum cups for products such as pralines and eggs
  • Customised gripper solutions, e.g. for sensitive products, such as croissants, from a lot size of 1
  • Modular End-of-Line Universal Box Grippers for the supply, sealing and palletizing of cardboard boxes