Key markets that drive us forward.

FIPA knows its customers' needs exactly and offers individual solutions - this is the secret of our success

FIPA is an internationally active company specializing in the development and distribution of quality products and innovative system solutions. We handle processes in the plastics, sheet metal, packaging industries and general  industries. Our contribution to flexible production in these industries is automation through the use of gripper, vacuum, and lifting technology.

For us, automation means working ergonomically and easing difficult, stressful, and dangerous tasks in a manner that is consistent with increasing efficiency and productivity. To make it possible to develop the ideal solution, FIPA offers a broad but finely tuned portfolio of standard components, which can be used as a modular system to build complete systems.

Our industry focus

Maximum freedom when handling sheet metals.


Understanding customer needs, offering suitable solutions.


Utmost flexibility in all plastics processing.


Optimal packaging processes within easy reach.


Our products