Vacuum filters

Is the air pure? You should always ask yourself this question before implementing your vacuum generation. Because small parts, dirt particles or even moisture affect the process, stick to the material and also promote wear.

Vacuum filters by FIPA – Clean air is the life insurance for your vacuum generators!

To make your production process as low-maintenance as possible, we offer inline filters, universal filters for large volumes and filters for wet areas. With filters from FIPA, you put dirt in its place. Because we know: only when the air is clean it will be 100% efficient for your vacuum! Our inline filters protect vacuum generators and thus all peripheral components from contamination – dry or wet. With our plug-in, ring and disposable filters, you keep the air clean and thus your maintenance costs low. Our universal filters are the best way to protect your dry-running rotary-vane pumps as pre-filters with paper cartridges. The large surface of the filter cartridges ensures a high degree of deposition. Thanks to the transparent plastic housing, FIPA filters for wet areas are easy to monitor. The accumulated condensation can be drained via a drain valve. With the FIPA condensate trap you protect the vacuum generator against possible damage caused by condensation.

Universal filters for big volumes

As preliminary filters with paper cartridges, FIPA universal filters for large volumes protect rotary vane pumps from dust particle damage. The large surface area of the filter cartridge ensures a high degree of deposition. The 71.032 to 71.043 series pump filters are tailored to the unique requirements of the printing, textile and pharmaceutical industries. They separate out the finest of particles. The sight glass quickly and easily indicates the fill level. FIPA universal filters with steel cartridges and condensate separators can be used in dusty and humid environments. Stainless steel cartridges can be reused many times after cleaning and thus reduce the operating costs.

Filters for wet areas

Water droplets and other condensates can form in the vacuum generator intake. FIPA condensate separators protect vacuum generators from possible damage by condensing vapours. Optimum protection is achieved by installing the filter directly on the vacuum side. FIPA filters for wet environments are easy to check thanks to their transparent plastic housings. Accumulated condensates can be drained off through the drain valve.

Inline filters

FIPA inline filters protect vacuum generators, such as ejectors, from dust particles and liquids ending up in the vacuum system through the vacuum cup or other components. FIPA inline filters are available as plug-in filters, ring filters and disposable filters. Ring filters are mounted between the vacuum cup and ejector. Plug-in filters are designed for mounting in hoses and pipes. The filter cartridges are quick to replace and thus minimize maintenance times. FIPA disposable filters are particularly suitable if the level of soiling is low. 

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