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Who is John P Coale?

John P Coale was born in Baltimore, Maryland USA, and is a lawyer, but possibly best known for being the wife of broadcast journalist Greta Van Susteren, who previously worked for both MSNBC and Fox News. Some of her shows have included “On the Record w/ Greta Van Susteren” and “For the Record with Greta”.

The Riches of John P Coale

How rich is John P Coale? As of mid-2018, sources inform us of a net worth that is over $10 million, mostly earned through success as a lawyer, as he’s gained numerous lucrative contracts thanks to his success in his field. His net worth has also been elevated through his association with his wife, who has a net worth that is estimated at $35 million.

A Career in Law

John considered himself an “ambulance chaser” during a profiling by the St. Petersburg Times – one of his first notable achievements was in 1984, when he rushed to India after the Bhopal gas disaster in India, which caused around 500,000 people to be exposed to deadly gas and chemicals that killed between 3,700 to 16,000 people. He was the first American attorney to arrive there, and would mark the beginnings of a career defending numerous people.

He earned the nickname “Bhopal” Coale thanks to his help during the settlement in Bhopal. He also earned the name “Master of Disaster” as he started to represent victims of various disasters around the world. In 1986, he represented the victims of the Dupont Plaza Hotel fire which happened in Puerto Rico. Four years later he represented the victims of the North Carolina chicken-processing plant fire. At the time, bar associations where worried about lawyer image, but according to John, he knew that if he did a good job people would love him.

The Master of Disaster

One of the biggest achievements in Coale’s career would be when he became the principal negotiator for the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement, which ended with the five largest tobacco companies paying $10 billion annually for the indefinite future to 46 states. The settlement also set new standards for how cigarettes are marketed, and how they became banned to children, during the time that the negative effects of cigarette were being identified. The companies were said to have a deal requiring them to pay $368.5 billion over a 25 year period.

After completing the tobacco deal, he retired having earned high amounts of money from the settlement, and started to focus on politics. He is very close to former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, and supported him during his presidential campaign despite having a low chance of him becoming the Democratic nominee. He donated a lot of money to this campaign, and he has also supported political names from different parties, known to have supported both John McCain and Sarah Palin, but he is also a close friend of Hillary Clinton.

Marriage to Greta Van Susteren

John married Greta in 1988 – van Susteren has been known for her work with Fox News from 2002 to 2016, during which she hosted various programs for the network. She is a former criminal defense and civil trial lawyer, and is considered one of the most powerful women in the world. After leaving Fox News, she started working for MSNBC but only stayed there for six months.

The couple have been known to be members of the church of scientology – John joined that church due to his problems with drugs

According to an interview, John did a lot of drugs in college, and though it lessened over the years, he wanted to be able to handle them. He has had his share of controversies, stating that the church of scientology was using his political influence to advance their cause, though he denied that he was doing any such thing.

Health Problems

John has had his share of health problems throughout his life. In 2013, his wife revealed that he was battling throat cancer, and said that they were lucky since they caught it at an early stage and radiation could treat it. He was diagnosed the previous year and had to undergo five surgeries to treat the cancer.

Then in 2015 he underwent open-heart surgery, which he told the media was an overhaul. He’s also made comments about his wife leaving Fox News, stating that there was a lot of tension and chaos in the network making it very difficult to work. Due to the nature of his wife’s exit from the network, he teased that there was even possible litigation there. The couple have not mentioned anything else since leaving both Fox News as well as NBC.

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