Special vacuum cups

As much as we love standards, we know that there are applications that require a special vacuum cup. This includes among others, the Bernoulli vacuum cup, which transports sensitive or porous products with little contact.

Series SX-BSeries SX-B

Series SX-B

Bernoulli vacuum cups

Series SX-B-PKSeries SX-B-PK

Series SX-B-PK

Bernoulli vacuum cups

Series SX-FSeries SX-F

Series SX-F

Temperature-resistant, felt-coated vacuum cups

Special vacuum cups by FIPA - Airs and Graces!

No vacuum generators, such as ejectors, are required for operation – compressed air is sufficient. This vacuum cup generates a high volume flow at low vacuum levels, making it perfect for gently gripping air-permeable products. This is achieved – despite its lightness – with high gripping force, because the “floating” vacuum cups can lift up to 1.2 kg of mass with little contact. For handling larger or heavier products, several Bernoulli vacuum cups can be interconnected. Typical applications include the handling of very thin products, such as films, papers, veneers and circuit boards. And if you encounter similar conditions in the food sector, our Bernoulli vacuum cups made of PEEK fulfill all the requirements of hygienic design. For anyone who has the same high standards of cleanliness in the handling process and would like to grip the finest glass materials, for example, is well advised to use the high-temperature vacuum cup with a felt pad. This guarantees a gentle and virtually non-marking grip of glass and ceramics. The material FKM guarantees stability at temperatures up to 300°C (572°F), whereby our special silicone can be used for temperatures up to 500°C (932°F). Thanks to a vapour-deposited silicone barrier made of aluminum, you can transport your glass contamination-free through the entire production process, even at high temperatures. Silicone particles have no chance of adhesion. Goods with a polished surface are also sensitive to handle. So that you shine just like the product, our range of products includes a vacuum cup with a sponge layer for these cases. The best part: the soft silicone sponge is also suitable for uneven surfaces and prevents leaks on rough or porous product surfaces. If you want to handle products manually, use our hand grippers – whether it’s glass panels, smooth wood panels or other flat goods with a polished surface. Pressing the release button releases the product. And for those who would like to produce suction plates for unusual workpiece geometries, our sealing cords are just the right product.

Series SX-B: Bernoulli vacuum cups

Bernoulli vacuum cups transport porous products with minimal contact and high torsional resistance. Vacuum generators, such as ejectors, are not required to operate – all that’s needed is compressed air. With a high volumetric flow and low vacuum level, they are perfectly suited to handling air-permeable goods. These so-called floating vacuum cups are typically used for the handling of extremely thin products, such as foils, papers, veneers and printed circuit boards. Suction pads based on the Bernoulli principle are also suited for separating thin workpieces. FIPA Bernoulli vacuum cups are characterised by an extremely high retention force. The high-performance design allows the movement of products up to 1.2 kg with minimal contact. Multiple Bernoulli vacuum cups can be linked for the handling of large/heavy products. FIPA Bernoulli vacuum cups made of PEEK can transport sensitive food products. PEEK is approved for direct contact with food (FDA/EC 1935 / 2004) and fulfils the stringent requirements of hygienic design.

Series SX-F: Temperature-resistant, felt-coated vacuum cups

High temperature, fragile materials, zero marks – the temperature-resistant vacuum cups of the FIPA SF-X series with felt lining are primarily designed for the requirements of the glass industry. A felt lining ensures a gentle and nearly non-marking grip. The vacuum cup materials, namely FKM (briefly up to 300°C) and a special silicone (briefly up to 500°C) guarantee high temperature resistance. A vapour-deposited silicone barrier made of aluminium enables the contaminant-free handling of glass, even under high temperatures (i.e. the glass surface is resistant to contamination from silicone particles). 

Hand grippers

Whether glass plates, smooth wood panels or other polished surfaces – FIPA SX-G series vacuum hand grippers enable the manual handling of these products without a separate vacuum source. A simple press of the release button releases the product. 

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