Vacuum cups

Vacuum cups are the preferred components for gently lifting and moving goods. When selecting vacuum cups, the best are those that adapt to the workpiece in terms of shape and material.

Vacuum cups by FIPA - Competence in vacuum!

Long-lasting stability and a long life cycle can be achieved with wear-resistant suction materials. Our huge range of vacuum cups is divided into three groups: Flat vacuum cups, bellows vacuum cups and oval vacuum cups. Flat vacuum cups, due to their shape, retain a high stability during suction. When placing goods, they achieve high positioning accuracy. Bellows vacuum cups are ideal for handling sensitive materials and for workpieces with uneven surfaces. Through the number of different folds, the bellows vacuum cups can compensate for height differences. If a bellows vacuum cup is not suitable for lifting or leveling, suspensions made of metal or plastics are the right choice. Oval vacuum cups are suitable for handling elongated or cylindrical workpieces, such as strips, profiles, tubes and bolts. They also accommodate curved workpieces and products with bars. In addition, they have a much higher suction power than round vacuum cups of the same width. For special applications and shapes that cannot be covered by the standard range, we offer our special vacuum cups. Customer-specific solutions are also offered. It doesn’t matter to us whether you are looking for flat vacuum cups for handling food, moving sensitive plastic components or lifting heavy metal parts. As a specialist in vacuum components we offer a wide range of flat vacuum cups for different industries and tasks.

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