Jackie Braasch is a well-known professional female car racer, and also a member of Car Chix, which is a famous women’s motorsports clan. Jackie became even more popular after she started dating Justin Shearer, known as Big Chief, who is a professional street racer and a reality TV personality. Let’s find out more about Jackie’s life, family, net worth, etc.

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Justin Shearer and Jackie Braasch

Early life, family

Jackie Braasch was born under the sign of Cancer on 4 July 1990 in Joliet, Illinois USA; she spent her childhood in her hometown, along with her sister Erin and a brother, whose name is unknown. Her father is a garage worker and a passionate racer, and most likely planted the seed of love for street races in his kids’ hearts. Both girls and their brother went to the race track to watch him driving, and to support him, and helped him in his garage to fix the car after his races. Jackie shared that she and her sister Erin started racing when they were still studying in elementary school, when Jackie was eight years old and Erin ten. Jackie entered the Junior Dragster Division and began winning, fully supported by her family; her brother helped her to warm up her dragster before the races.


Jackie matriculated from a local Joliet high school in 2008, and in 2012 graduated from Joliet Junior College with a BA in Child Development, specializing in teaching children from birth to eight years, though she never gave up her dream to become a professional racer, and got her education just in case something in her racing career goes wrong.

Jackie Braasch


Studying didn’t take Jackie far from her passion. When she turned 17, she got her own full-sized dragster. The only thing it meant was that Jackie was way too serious about her professional racing career. ‘I have always been a part of this lifestyle and I love it,’ Jackie said in one of her interviews with Car Chix Website, ‘It’s not just the cars and the speed, but you meet some of the best people and they become part of your racing family’. She got the opportunity to participate in various championships for young racers, taking part in the Super Pro championship, then heading to the Rocket Brand Race Fuel Bracket Series which took place at Route 66 Raceway in Joliet. Year by year she got closer to bigger championships and finally got her finest hour: she raced in the Car Chix Ladies Only Drag Race in 2014. It was a hard race for Jackie, but she managed to get to Top 12 contestants among almost 400 women participating in the race, and so was invited to become a member of Car Chix, the world famous organization for women in motorsports. In 2015 Jackie appeared in the Car Chix Calendar as Miss May, and won a Spitzer Dragster with a 510 cubic inch Big Block Chevy. Her sister Erin also appeared in the calendar the same year as Miss February; she is now also working as a cosmetics distributor.

It is worth saying that Jackie still works as a pre-school teacher, supporting her competency in teaching small kids. If she tells her little students about her racing experience, she probably inspires them to try driving and racing in the future.

Personal life, boyfriend Big Chief Justin Shearer

Dating Justin Big Chief Shearer

Jackie would probably stay out of limelight, but in 2017 she met Justin Shearer while he was filming his reality TV show “Street Outlaws”. Besides being a TV personality, Justin is a professional street racer, and they instantly had a lot of things to talk about. When she appeared next to him in some episodes of his show, she was criticized for their relationship, since Justin was still married. His wife Alicia Shearer knew her husband was regularly cheating on her, and didn’t pay much attention to another affair. Alicia and Justin have two sons they welcomed in their marriage. A lot of viewers accused Jackie for ruining the family of Alicia and Justin, but Jackie and Justin didn’t even announce their relationship until the beginning of 2018. Though everyone who followed the situation saw that Jackie posted a selfie on her Instagram account on 17 May 2017 with the capture: ‘Yeah beautiful day with him?’; her face expression was just like Justin’s motto face expression with his upper lip twisted, so there were no doubts who Jackie was talking about. In 2018 Justin announced that he was divorcing his wife. The audience was still unhappy with the things going on around Jackie and Justin’s affair, and for some period of time Jackie suffered from extra critiques and pre-judgement for her romance with Justin.

Who is Big Chief Justin Shearer?

Justin “Big Chief” Shearer was born on 9 December 1980 in Louisville, Kentucky USA. He spent a major part of his childhood there until his mother left his father and re-married, taking Justin with her to Oklahoma City. It was there where he first felt interest for racing; he attended various races and car events, finding out more and more about his new passion. He understood he had to find a job to save the money for his first car, so he found one at a gas station, and soon saved enough money to buy a 1972 Pontiac LeMans. The car was far from being new, but it gave him an opportunity to participate in races. Justin became a TV personality when he appeared among the cast of “Midwest Street Cars”, a reality TV series about cars and races. A couple of years later the show became a part of a bigger project which was called “Street Outlaws”, now seen on the Discovery Channel since 10 June 2013. Justin became one of the main figures and the host of the show, and got world-wide popularity. Along with his TV show activities, Justin is also the co-owner of the store in Oklahoma called “Midwest Street Cars Automotive” which he founded with his colleague Shawn “Murder Nova” Ellington.

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Hobbies and interesting facts

Jackie is passionate about everything related to cars and races, though she admitted she likes to have a rest from this side of her life, and just spend time with her family – they often gather to celebrate holidays. Jackie also likes travelling and hiking.

Social media presence

The only social media platform on which Jackie has created an account was Instagram, however, she posted only one selfie there and hasn’t added anything new for more than two years. The account has almost 2,000 subscribers who are probably still waiting patiently for updates from Jackie’s side, but she keeps silent. However, her boyfriend Justin Shearer is far more a public-open person than her. His Instagram account has more than 800,000 followers, and his Twitter is read by more than 80,000 people.


Jackie has very long wavy hair which she dyes blonde; several years ago she had black hair, though her hair is naturally dark-brown. She has blue eyes. Jaсkie is 5ft 2ins (1.58m) tall, weighs around 135lbs (62kgs), and her vital statistics are 33-28-32. As for her clothing style, she prefers comfortable clothes and leather jackets and bombers. When she goes to school as a teacher, of course she wears official classical clothes, but when she spends her time at races, she doesn’t need to dress up in dresses and blazers, and often wears jeans and T-shirts.

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Net worth

Largely from pursuing her racing career, Jackie has accumulated a net worth of over $1 million; she’s won several races and those prizes have helped her to enlarge her net worth. She also earns money from her full-time job as a pre-school teacher, but she is sure to get less money from it than she gets from races. She shared that she was not going to give up her racing career, so her net worth is only going to grow. As for her boyfriend Justin Shearer, according to authoritative sources, he’s accumulated a net worth of $2 million, participating in races and starring in the reality TV show “Street Outlaws”. He also has another source of his income: his cars and parts store in Oklahoma. Unfortunately for Justin and Jackie, he has to pay alimony for his kids since he recently divorced from his wife Alicia. She took both kids, and Justin sends her monthly payments set by the court.

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