Linear technology

So that your processes literally run in the right direction, you will find state-of-the-art linear technology in our range of products. For example, in addition to classic short stroke cylinders to compensate for height differences, we also offer dual-piston cylinders.

Linear technology by FIPA - Efficiency is also a question of direction!

Double-acting short stroke cylinders ease handling with their space-saving and lightweight design. The sensor nuts in the actuator ensure immediate monitoring of the piston position. In combination with our pressure plates, the short stroke cylinder is also suitable as a gripping or holding tool. Dual-piston cylinders are the right choice for you when you expect maximum loads while delivering cutting and gripping tools – the torsionally rigid dual-piston design and the precise slide bearing guiding make it possible. With sensor nuts, the “dual-headed” cylinders for the assembly of PNP or NPN sensors are prepared for monitoring the piston position. If your biggest challenge is to bring your gripping elements precisely to the workpiece in a confined space, we recommend double-acting guide blocks.

If you also want to monitor the piston position, this can be easily implemented thanks to sensor nuts. So that you do not have to compromise on structural implementation, you will find everything you need to integrate linear technology components into your gripper system within our product line: It starts with mounting plates and goes over pressure plates to holders and angle arms.

Short lifting cylinders by FIPA

FIPA double-acting short lifting cylinders impress with their space-saving, lightweight design. With sensor nuts, the actuator is delivered ready to monitor the piston position.

Dual piston cylinders by FIPA

With a torsionally rigid dual-piston design as well as precise slide bearing guiding, FIPA double lifting cylinders are built for the high loads that can occur when positioning cutting and gripping tools. With sensor nuts, the dual-head cylinders are delivered ready for the assembly of PNP or NPN sensors for monitoring the piston position.

Guide blocks by FIPA

Guide gripper components onto workpieces with extreme precision in tight quarters: FIPA double-acting guide blocks excel at tasks involving small workpieces and sensor nuts for the optional monitoring of the piston position.

Accessories for linear technology by FIPA

FIPA offers a diverse range of mounting solutions for integrating linear technology components into gripper systems, including fittings, angle arms, pressure plates and mounting plates for linear units, such as for example, compact cylinders, guide blocks and lifting cylinders. The fittings for linear units are designed for perfect compatibility with FIPA SLine and MLine extrusions.

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