Air nippers

The result doesn’t have to only fit, it may also look beautiful! That’s why we’re not just about holding or gripping. We also offer a large assortment of air nippers and air shears, as well as robust fasteners.

Air nippers by FIPA - Products for a precise cut!

If you want to remove components from an injection molding machine and cut off sprues or cut metal wires, you need powerful air nippers. For this, we have air nippers with round or rectangular bodies and for manual or automatic operation. Also in our product line we have a wide range of matching blades for our nippers. And when classic air nippers don’t have enough power, our pressure boosters increase cutting force while saving space – without having to resort to the next-larger set of air nippers. As simple and flexible as it gets. And if you have to make cuts in a small space, the stationary air nippers are a good option thanks to their compact design and flush cutting. Maximum flexibility is offered by different series and systems. Whether single-acting or double-acting, in our product line we also have precise air shears for manual, automatic or robotic operation. The double-acting air shears ensure fast cycle times and the best performance thanks to their spring-free design.

Air nippers for manual and automatic operation by FIPA

Cutting of sprues after demoulding injection molding parts or cutting metal wire: FIPA offers robust air nippers with round or rectangular bodies for automatic and manual operation, along with a range of compatible blades. Also available are pressure boosters, which increase the cutting force while saving space without having to chose the next largest air nipper. The pressure booster also is a good choice for customers with insufficient supply pressure.

Stationary air nippers by FIPA

Compact design and flush cutting: FIPA stationary air nippers also fit into cutting stations and automated equipment with space restrictions. Series without stroke, with adjustable stroke and adjustable cutting width and cutting blades with turning possibility cover a wide spectrum of applications. 

Air shears by FIPA

Whether single- or double-acting, FIPA air shears for manual, automatic or robotic operation produce convincing cutting results. The double-acting air shears series features fast duty cycles thanks to their return spring-free design. 

Fittings for air nippers by FIPA

Flexible and robust: FIPA fittings for grippers and air nippers as well as special mounting clamps enable these gripper components to be mounted to extrusion systems and special machines. 

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